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Join our Rewards Program and get 100 Points worth €1.00 that you can spend now in our shop or save for a later purchase.

Here are the Rules and Benefits from our rewards program:

  • 100 Points = 1 EURO
  • Join our Rewards Program and get 100 Points
  • For every euro you spend buying products in our store you get 5 Points
  • For every review you do for a product you earn 5 Points
  • For every 10 orders you earn 100 Points
  • For 300 euro purchases in our store you earn 500 extra points!
  • Do you collect 1000 points? We give you 250 points more!
  • You can exchange the points you collect for orders more than 50,00 euro

Collect points from your participation and consumption.

In each product in our store you will see three informations:

  • The price in points
  • How many points you earn buying the product
  • Parity 100 points = 1 euro

To take advantage of these before you do anything you should become a member.

Since you join and add products to your cart, at checkout you will see how many points you have and if you want to use them now or in a future order.

If you choose to use them in your particular shopping cart, press the Redeem button so as to calculate again your total amount subtracting the value in euros of available points.

You can try to reduce the cost clicking the Redeem button, if you do not want to redeem them in this order click the Remove or Cancel.

You can keep the points for a future purchase.

From each order you earn points!

With the Amway products always win! Quality and money!

Join Now!

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