Artistry Moisture Cream Bundle essentials


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Artistry Moisture Cream Bundle essentials

Size: Set of 3 products


Achieve clean and healthy looking skin in 3 minutes by using the essentials by ARTISTRY Bundle, which consists of 3 products, sold as a set with a 10% price discount.

What It Does For You

  • essentials by ARTISTRY Makeup Removing Wipes remove heavy makeup including foundation, lip colour and eye makeup, along with other pore-clogging impurities in seconds
  • essentials by ARTISTRY Gel Cleanser leaves skin feeling fresh and clean
  • essentials by ARTISTRY Moisture Cream nourishes drier skin with 12 hours of moisturization, without being too heavy on skin

Why You Would Like It

Perfectly matched products for fast, easy and effective basic skincare. The formulas containing naturally-derived, high-quality ingredients, help keep your skin looking its best all day long. Understanding the basics of skincare and following a simple skincare routine will help you maintain beautiful skin for a lifetime.

Facts For You

Starting an effective, basic skincare routine at an early age can help maintain a youthful appearance longer. Quality skincare products can boost the skin’s natural ability to improve itself more efficiently than if you didn’t follow a good skincare routine. You may even be mistaken for someone younger!


Key Features

  • Nourishes dry skin with 12 hour of moisturization, without being too heavy on skin.
  • Perfect for everyone: all skin types, all age groups, men or women
  • Made with naturally derived botanical ingredients

How To Use


  • cleanse with Gel Cleanser and moisturize with Moisture Cream


  • remove makeup with Makeup Remove Wipes, and/or cleanse with Gel Cleanser
  • moisturize with Moisture Cream


Makeup removing wipes

  • Vitamin E – contains powerful antioxidants
  • Green Tea Extract – antimicrobial, antioxidant
  • Chamomile – soothing

Gel Cleanser

  • Cucumber – antioxidants, antimicrobial
  • Aloe Vera – soothing
  • Acerola Cherry – antioxidant, from NUTRILITE Farms

Moisture Cream

  • Blue Lotus – an effective, deep moisturizer
  • Macadamia oil – reduces moisture loss
  • Acerola Cherry – rich in antioxidants, from NUTRILITE Farms
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