Concentrated Liquid Hand Soap G&H Protect


Liquid hand soap with concentrated formula to deep-clean hands, remove impurities, and neutralize odors – without drying.

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Concentrated Liquid Hand Soap G&H Protect – 250ml

Liquid Hand soap with concentrated formula which will leave your hands feel hydrated, soft, and smooth.

What It Does For You

  • Protects skin’s natural moisture balance to help avoid the dryness associated with frequent hand washing.
  • Leaves hands smelling fresh.
  • Effectively protects from impurities and neutralizes odor.
  • Highly concentrated, so you get up to 450 uses per 250ml bottle.

Why You Would Like It

Very often soaps you use are too strong and they can actually damage skin.
That’s why it’s so important to chose the soap wisely. G&H PROTECT+ Concentrated Hand Soap thoroughly cleans as it protects skin’s natural moisture balance to help avoid the dryness associated with frequent hand washing. Your hands will feel hydrated, soft, and smooth.

Facts For You

  • Exclusive Odor-Neutralizing Technology leaves hands smelling fresh.
  • Triclosan-free formula effectively protects from impurities.
  • Biodegradable, sulfate-free formula.

Key Features

G&H PROTECTH+ Concentrated Hand Soap includes this skin-defending blend of naturally derived
and botanical ingredients.
Exclusive blend consists of:
– White Tea Extract helps fortify skin and protect against environmental damage.
– Natural Minerals help protect and replenish skin.
– Bilberry Extract, rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, helps repair existing environmental damage.

How To Use

Apply one pump to wet hands. Massage to create lather. Rinse in warm water.


G&H PROTECT+ Concentrated Hand Soap includes worry-free formulas with White Tea Extract, Natural Minerals, Bilberry Extract for a good protection against odour, impurities, dryness, and for healthy-looking skin.

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