Drinking Water – 5 things to know about the water you drink!

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Drinking Water – 5 things to know about the water you drink!

Drinking Water:

“The molecules of the human body by more than 99% are water molecules, which means that water is important,” says Gerald Pollack, an expert researcher on water and author of the book “The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor”. The Drinking Water is very important.

For this reason, drinking clean and fresh water is of paramount importance for the general state of health.

If you think your tap water or even bottled water is clean you are very wrong.

In 2008, a survey of the international news agency Associated Press showed that in the U.S., the central water supply networks, from one coast to the other, is contaminated with a huge range of medicines, prescriptioned or not, including antibiotics, analgesics, antidepressants, hypnotics pills, and sex hormones.

This is because when people take pills, their bodies absorb some of the drugs and the rest goes down in the drain.

From there substances penetrate the aquifers and return to the tap since water treatment plants do not remove pharmaceutical residues.

Scientists are concerned that even at low concentrations these drugs can harm the body in  long term since every day we use large quantities of water.

Also, “there is no national strategy to address the issue nor is there effective laws for the control, treatment, limiting consumption or even informing the public” reported the AP.

Nor in Greece as demonstrated by the campaign “Let’s talk about the Water” of Network Mediterranean SOS.

If you switch to bottled water hoping to avoid the dangers of drinking tap water let you know this: back in the USA, a major survey of the Council for the Protection of Natural Resources , comparing 1000 different brands of bottled water found that many bottles containing dangerous chemicals, bacteria, even male.

Also, plastic bottles harm the environment seriously. In 80% of plastic water bottles in the U.S. end up in landfills adding to Climate Change. Also end up in landfills split into tiny pieces entering the digestive system of fish and birds that mistake it for krill and from there into the food chain.

-Five things to know about the water you drink:

  1. The pesticidal and herbicidal substance dichlorophenol (Dichlorophenol) is the same used for the chlorination of water.
  2. Approximately one third of the bottled water tested was found by chemical or bacterial contamination above safe levels.
  3. Scientists have found that the longer a plastic bottle of water left on the shelf or in the supermarket or in your refrigerator, the more likely to consume higher dose of antimony, a chemical blamed for carcinogenesis.
  4. It is estimated that bottled water sold in the U.S. in 25-30% comes from the water supplies sometimes after processing and others not.
  5. Nobody controls the water bottling industry in the U.S. ( Greece  has EFET).

Experts recommend buying a water treatment system at home.

Those who have installed water treatment system espring you can buy replacement filter easy and fast from the eshop.


Article source: Enikos.gr

Watch the video about drinking water in Youtube or Vimeo.

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