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SA8 Color Concentrated Laundry Powder Detergent


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SA8 Color Concentrated Laundry Powder Detergent 3kg

The reformulated SA 8™ Color Concentrated Laundry Powder Detergent features improved colour protection via a new, more efficient colour care polymer* and rebalanced base.This preserves vivid colours, so clothes look newer for longer, and colours stay brighter. The fragrance remains unchanged.

*   Vinylpyrrolidone / vinylimidazole copolymer

  • SA8 Colour contains bio-enzymes and biodegradable cleaning ingredients to remove dirt and stains
  • It cleans at all temperatures from 30°-95°C
  • Coloured clothes look newer for longer due to reduced pilling and bobbling
  • It contains no bleach or optical brighteners, so there is less potential for damage to coloured clothes
  • It inhibits the corrosion of metal – in zips, buttons etc. – and protects washing machines from damage
  • The fresh, citrus fragrance contains essential oils
  • It incorporates a natural water softener derived from renewable resources
  • It is dermatologist-tested.
Ingredient Name  CAS # Common Name
Sodium Carbonate 497-19-8 Washing Soda
C10-16 Alcohol Ethoxylate 68002-97-1 Nonionic Surfactant
Sodium Bicarbonate 144-55-8 Baking Soda
Citric Acid 77-92-9 Organic Acid
Fumaric Acid 110-17-8 Organic Dispersant
Hydrated Silica 112926-00-8 Absorbant Mineral
Water 7732-18-5 Water
Cellulose Gum 9004-32-4 Anti-Redisposition Agent
Sodium Sulfate 7757-82-6 Process Aid
Sodium Polyacrylate 2594415 Anti-Redisposition Agent
Tetrasodium Etidronate 3794-83-0 Chelant
Sodium Chloride 7647-14-5 Process Aid
Vinylpyrrolidone/Vinylimidazole Copolymer Proprietary Dye Transfer Inhibitor
Fragrance Proprietary – see Fragrance
Magnesium Sulfate 7487-88-9 Process Aid
Protease Enzyme 2598337 Enzyme
Dimethicone 63148-62-9 Defoamer
alpha Amylase Enzyme 9000-90-2 Enzyme
Cellulase Enzyme 9012-54-8 Enzyme

SA8 Colour can  be used safely on all coloured clothing. It works at all temperatures and is highly effective on greasy, oily stains.

  • For optimum colour results, use the lowest temperature setting recommended for the fabric
  • Use in the AMWAY Dispenser Ball for best results.

Please be aware:

  • If washing by hand, always rinse hands thoroughly after contact with the detergent
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