Wistful Fragrance Body Mist for Women



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Wistful Fragrance Body Mist for Women – 100ml

WISTFUL AROMA Body mist for women: Sparkling, yet refreshing wellbeing.

A refreshing body mist with a sparkling cocktail of limoncello accord and nectarine on a fresh flower bouquet of freesia and lotus flowers caressed with a luminous orange blossom.  Invigorated with vitamin E and glycerin that softens and protects skin leaving you with an all over radiant glow.

Features Wistful Fragrance Body Mist:

A fusion of lemon and nectarine reaches your senses with a sparkle of pure refreshment, complimented with a bouquet of freesia and rose, anchored by powdery traces of musk, that lead you into a world of pleasant care. Experience this sublime, trendy body mist with vitamin E and oil that softens and protects your skin, whilst leaving you with an all over radiant glow. Savour a refreshing sense of wellbeing, and sparkle with a WISTFUL AROMA.

Ingredients Wistful Fragrance Body Mist:

Top Notes:Orange, Lemon Accord, Nectarine

Middle Notes:Freesia, Rose, Lotus

Dry Down:Amber, Orange Blossom, Musk

Suggested Usage Wistful Fragrance Body Mist:

Spray on your body as many times as you like throughout the day.

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