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Filter Water eSpring – New Distinction

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Filter Water eSpring

The already established water filter eSpring, finally obtains the recognition he deserves – congratulations to eSpring.

Finally, after more than thirty years of successful development and sales of leading water treatment technology, we can safely say that the Amway eSpring™ is the number one selling brand of home  water treatment systems in the world!

Not all people have access in clean, pure running water: potential toxins in tap water can contain pesticides, mercury and even lead. These can be eliminated effectively with a water treatment unit eSpring, while the useful minerals such as calcium and magnesium retain. The eSpring is so advanced,  recognizes that they mustn’t be removed.

Not only the water subjected to filtering with coal, but also treated with ultraviolet radiation. The result is that more than 140 infectious substances and 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses are excreted from the drinking water. The eSpring was the first such system that combined the two technologies with electronic monitoring. Consumers can be assured that their water is much cleaner just gone through a Water Treatment System.

The highest standards

Another important advantage of eSpring compared with other water treatment systems is the unique patented wireless technology power eCoupled™.

Allows electricity to be transmitted through the air, water and plastic parts to turn the UV lamp unit – without electrical connections of direct contact. The cartridge filter of eSpring needs change only once a year, while electronic monitoring will remind you to order a replacement. It also checks that the system operates efficiently and notify you if a problem occurs. In short, these advanced, proprietary technologies of eSpring, developed and refined over 30 years, provide water filtration according to the highest standards.

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