ANCESTRY in Paris Eau de Parfum fragrance by amway

Fragrance Ancestry in Paris – Capture the party essence

ancestry in paris capture the party essence

Fragrance Ancestry in Paris – Capture the party essence

Is your scent hitting the right note? Try our fresh new fragrance – perfect for special evenings.

Most of us give plenty of thought to our clothes, make-up and hair. But what about the right scent? It’s just as important: think of it as the ultimate accessory. We’re launching a great new scent for women that’s perfect for nights out with friends – or romantic evenings with your partner: ANCESTRYTM inPARIS.

ANCESTRY in PARIS Eau de Parfum

Fancy a night-time stroll along the banks of the River Seine? This new floral variation of ANCESTRY will take you straight to the mystery of a Parisian night!

Crisp top notes of fresh flowers, green leaf and sea breeze accord are followed by feminine middle notes of night-blooming jasmine and rose, with peach pulp for a delicious fruitiness. The base is sensuous and sophisticated: amber wood and white musk bring the richness and warmth perfect for cooler nights, while tuberose reinforces the white floral heart of the middle notes. Like its namesake city, ANCESTRY in PARIS has an elegant and mysterious aura that’s at its best in the evening.

How the scent works

The scent unfolds in stages, which is why it smells different on your skin as hours pass. Each scent contains multiple ingredients, which work together to create a particular aroma. However, each of these ingredients has its own evaporation rate, gradually changing the aroma of the perfume. The top notes are the result of all the perfume’s ingredients working together. Then, as the most volatile molecules evaporate after several minutes, the middle notes – at the heart of the scent – become apparent. After around an hour, these evaporate, leaving the base notes, or “dry down”.

ANCESTRY in PARIS is highly concentrated, so its beauty will last for hours on your skin, gently releasing its fragrance throughout the night.

Article source: Amagram Online

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