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Hair Strong and Stylish

hair strong and stylish article home beauty

Hair Strong and Stylish

Try these conditioning tips and fun styles for great summer hair.

Summer is the season to be carefree, to let loose. But in the midst of sun soaking and pool dipping, don’t let your hair go awry. Make your hair a part of your fashion statement while keeping it happy and strong all summer long.

A touch of colour

Summer is the time to bring out bright colours. This season, make a bold statement by adding a touch of red, purple or blue … to your hair! Colour just the tips with a fun shade or a few strands framing your face. For a more classic style, try highlights or an ombre effect that’s a few shades lighter than your natural colour, to give it an extra bright and beachy feel.

Keeping colour can be problematic during the summer because of chlorine in the pool and the shining sun. To slow down the fade, use a colour-supporting hair and conditioner such as SATINIQUE Color Repair Shampoo (1) and SATINIQUE Color Repair Conditioner (2). This sulfate-free system helps maintain colour for up to 45 washes. Plus, the pomegranate and grape seed extracts invigorate and protect your hair.

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Treat your hair

Use a deep-nourishing treatment like SATINIQUE Revitalizing Mask (3) to freshen up distressed hair. With vitamin E, grape seed extract and kukui seed oil, this mask leaves the hair extra lush.

Sunscreen, please!

Sunscreen is a must during the summer, and not just for your skin. Use a leave-in sunscreen in your hair, like SATINIQUE Dual Defend Spray (4), which protects your scalp and locks from damaging UV rays.

Make a fashion statement

Add some style with these fun, quirky accessories:

  • A colourful or printed vintage scarf as a head wrap or turban
  • A retro hat or floppy hat to shade your head and look fashionable at the same time
  • Stick fresh flowers, like daisies, into your top knot for a boho chic look

hair strong and stylish article product home beauty


Article source: Amagram Online

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