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  • 0014 Gel Oven Cleaner AMWAY
    Best Seller

    AMWAY Gel Oven Cleaner – 500ml The unique gel formula, applied with the brush provided, clings to oven surfaces. It softens, lifts and dissolves greaseand baked-on food, you simply wipe them away. FEATURES Quickly softens, lifts and dissolves tough, baked-on food, grease and sugar-based stains Non-abrasive, thick gel clings evenly to any surface, providing the…

  • ZOOM™ Spray Cleaner Concentrate
    Best Seller

    ZOOM Spray Cleaner Concentrate 1litre – AMWAY  ZOOM Spray Cleaner Concentrate. A concentrated, multi purpose spot cleaner, effective at removing stubborn household stains. The fast-acting formula dissolves greasz, oilz, grimy, messz stains from most washable hard surfaces. Simply mix with water in our AMWAY™ Pistol Grip Sprayer, spray and wipe! Multi-purpose cleaner that attacks tough-to-remove spots…

  • AMWAY HOME Green Meadows Air Freshener and Odor Neutralizer
    Best Seller

    Amway Green Meadows Concentrated Air Freshener and Odor Neutralizer -150ml A concentrated air freshener with NEUTRALODOR that neutralises and eliminates offensive household odours. The country fragrance of GREEN MEADOWS evokes a springtime meadow. Features Air Freshener: Omits a delightful fragrance of GREEN MEADOWS. A quick spray is all you need to give your room the…