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  • HYMM Replacement Blades 119628

    HYMM Replacement Blades


    HYMM Replacement Blades Hymm Replacement blades with lubricating strip with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. For top performance: the new 5-blade system with 25 % thinner blades and wider gliding surface provides an excellent shave and a better glide over the skin. Bigger guard bar gently stretches the skin, preparing the hair for shave. Sideburns, goatees…

  • HYMM 5-Blade Razor 119627 (3)

    HYMM 5-Blade Razor


    HYMM 5-Blade Razor A clean look with the motion of the hand: the high-quality Hymm 5-blade razor adapts to every facial contour, fits snugly into the hand thanks to pleasant rubber grips and ensures precise shaving with its 5-blade technology. Comes with a functional push button for fast blade switching and Lubricating strip with Vitamin E…

  • HYMM 2-in-1 Hair & Body Shampoo 119008

    HYMM 2-in-1 Hair Body Shampoo


    HYMM 2-in-1 Hair Body Shampoo One man, one solution: the Hymm 2-in-1 Hair Body Shampoo cleanses the body from head to toe and bathes the skin in well-being. A formula created with Water Mint Extract and Sea Minerals cleanses both body & hair while leaving a fresh scent and provides light conditioning effect to the hair….

  • HYMM Roll-on Deodorant 119007

    HYMM Roll-on Deodorant


    HYMM Roll-on Deodorant Let the stress pass by: the new Hymm Roll-on deodorant gets you safely throughout the day. The formula is designed with Sage Leaf extract, known for odor controlling properties due to its anti-microbial effect. It is also formulated without aluminum salts to allow the skin to breathe naturally. This clear and translucent Roll-on…

  • HYMM After Shave Balm 119006

    HYMM After Shave Balm


    HYMM After Shave Balm Soothing and non-greasy with a fresh unique scent: the Hymm After Shave Balm transforms the morning shave into a feel-good ritual. The special formula with added Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin E and Allantoin calms and moisturizes the skin. Formula, designed without heavy or greasy ingredients, absorbs quickly and does not leave a…