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  • iCook™ 5-Piece Knife Set

    iCook Knife Set 5 pieces Knifeware


    iCook Knife Set 5 pieces The iCook Cookware Knife Set is a great addition for any busy kitchen. Comfortable to use, the forged steel blades of the 5-Piece Knife Set combine strength with balance. The top of the bolster is curved, allowing the user to grip the knife effectively, and the handles have a specifically…

  • iCook Wok kitchenware 105084 (1)

    iCook Wok Cookware


    iCook Wok The unique design of the iCook 7-ply Wok gives you an integrated system that cooks the healthy ‘low moisture – VITALOK way to preserve the flavour, colour, texture and nutrients in the food you serve. Ideal for both Asian cuisine and more traditional dishes. The Wok has 7 different layers of aluminium and…

  • iCook starter set kitchenware 101094

    iCook Starter Set Cookware


    iCook Starter Set Cookware A great introduction to the iCook Cookware VITALOK cooking method. Perfect for demonstrating a great way to cook for better nutrition. If you’re new to iCook Stainless Cookware, this set is a great starting point for discovering the benefits of the Vitalok ãcooking method. It’s perfect if you want to move…

  • iCook family set kitchenware 101097

    iCook Family Set Cookware


    iCook Family Set Cookware iCook Family Set is the combination of the Starter and Basic Set is perfect for those with a family who want to serve wonderful nutritious meals time after time. 1 Litre Saucepan and Lid Ideal for vegetables, fruits, egg dishes, custards, cereals, baby foods, icings, melting chocolate, preparing sauces or reheating. 4…

  • iCook family prestige set kitchenware 101098

    iCook Family Prestige Set Cookware


    iCook Family Prestige Set Cookware The ultimate in iCook cookware, you’ll have everything you need to fulfil all your cooking ambitions. From simple nutritious dishes for yourself and your family to creative dinner party menus, you’ll love the efficiency and versatility of iCook. 1 Litre Saucepan and Lid Ideal for vegetables, fruits, egg dishes, custards, cereals,…

  • iCook basic set kitchenware 101095

    iCook Basic Set Cookware


    iCook Basic Set Cookware A basic set that also includes components for food preparation and mixing. 4 Litre Stock Pot and Lid Ideal for soups, pasta, stews, whole chickens or bulkier vegetables. Use Stock Pot with Junior Dome Lid for Stack Cooking and the 4 Litre Stock Pot Steamer for steaming a variety of vegetables. 4…

  • iCook advacned set ktichenware 101096

    iCook Advanced Set Cookware


    iCook Advanced Set Cookware This set lets you take low moisture and stack cooking to the next level using the VITALOK low moisture cooking method. Includes a great Pasta Inset for clever cooking and drainage. If you enjoy being adventurous in the kitchen, this set is perfect as it encourages you to take Low Moisture…

  • iCook Non-Stick Fry Pan Set 101083

    iCook Nonstick Fry Pan Set with Tempered Glass Lids


    iCook Nonstick Fry Pan Set with Tempered Glass Lids Using the exclusive DURAMIC non-stick coating system, we offer frying pans with tempered glass lids where food does not stick. Our triple-coated surfaces offer excellent scratch resistance; you could even use metal utensils. Cleaning is simple. No two of us cook the same. But we all…