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  • AMWAY™ English Breakfast Tea

    AMWAY English Breakfast Tea 8packs X 125g


    AMWAY™ English Breakfast Tea 8packs X 125g

    This tea is a quality blend of Assam and Kenyan tea combined with delicate leaves of other sublime teas. Available in 8 x 125 g bags (each foil bag contains 40 tea bags). English Breakfast Tea from Amway comes from plantations where management consider workers’ welfare to be an important part of the business.

  • bodykey™ herbal tea nutrilite amway

    bodykey by Nutrilite Herbal Tea


    bodykey by Nutrilite Herbal Tea – 45gr If you need help to supplement your daily intake of fluids, the bodykey herbal tea is ideal for you! It is calorie-free and delicious – flavoured with lemon grass, green tea and nettle. Perfect for the control of fat or carbs or a balanced diet, just mix the…

  • Coffee Beans product amway home beauty

    Coffee Beans from Amway


    Coffee Beans from Amway Enjoy the aroma of freshly roasted coffee every morning! The coffee beans will keep long term, if stored in a cool dry place. Using coffee beans allows you to grind only what is needed for each brew. Grind the beans to the consistency of choice, as different coffee extraction methods require…

  • AMWAY™ Darjeeling Tea

    AMWAY Darjeeling Tea 200g


    AMWAY™ Darjeeling Tea 200g


    This tea is a speciality tea which has been grown, cultivated and processed in the tea gardens of the hilly Darjeeling region in India. When brewed, it has a naturally occurring taste with a light, easily sensed fragrance.  Darjeeling tea is widely acknowledged as being one of the finest teas because its flavour is so unique  that it cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Darjeeling is known and recognised as a delicate tea with a soft character.

  • AMWAY™ Espresso Coffee

    AMWAY Espresso Coffee 4packs X 250g


    AMWAY™ Espresso Coffee 4packs X 250g

    A good espresso extraction should take only 15-20 seconds in an espresso machine, where hot water is forced over the finely-ground coffee at high pressure. Espresso is not just strong coffee, but a unique taste and flavour. The beans for this specially-prepared coffee are espresso roasted and it takes more than 40 coffee beans to make one cup of espresso coffee.

  • AMWAY™ Filter Coffee

    AMWAY Filter Coffee 4packs x 250g


    AMWAY™ Filter Coffee 4packs x 250g

    The coffee industry generally has four types of roast:

    •  high (or double) roast has a strong, slightly bitter burnt taste
    •  full roast has a less bitter taste, and without the burnt taste
    •  medium roast delivers a strong, full taste without the bitter taste
    •  light (or pale) roast gives a mild, smooth, delicate taste

    Amway’s Espresso Coffee comes from the high, double roast, while the other coffees are medium to full roast.

  • AMWAY™ Instant Coffee

    AMWAY Instant Coffee 4packs x 100g


    AMWAY™ Instant Coffee 4packs x 100g

    Freeze-dried coffee is considered to be the best method for instant coffee production. The coffee is brewed, then frozen into slabs and ground into particles which are then put into a vacuum with a small amount of heat. This turns the ice directly into steam, leaving the ground particles dry, chunky and ready for use.