satinique winter styles that last

Satinique – Winter styles that last

satinique winter styles that last

Satinique – Winter styles that last

Follow our tips to bring out the best in your hair this winter.

As a premium collection of benefit-based hair care products, SATINIQUE has been developed to provide customised solutions for every hair type – making it easy  to develop classy winter styles that last. To keep your winter curls bouncy and your ends in shape this season, read on and see our tips on how to bring out the best of the SATINIQUE range!

Style. Party. Refresh. Repeat …

satinique winter styles that last products

Stay fresh and look your best, all the way through the winter season. Here are our best tips for classy styles that will help you bring out the very best in your hair:

Smooth SATINIQUE looks

One of the biggest challenges in dry cold weather is to keep your hair looking smooth and silky. Use these tips to avoid the worst of the winter impact and look sharp all season:

  • Blow dry from roots to ends to avoid frizz and shredding hair cuticles.
  • Apply SATINIQUE Scalp Tonic (5) to nurture fine, fragile, and thinning hair and give renewed strength with reduced loss from breakage.
  • For coloured hair, use SATINIQUE Overnight Repair Treatment (4). This leave-in treatment helps repair severely damaged hair and split ends while you sleep, and helps protect hair from future damage. It is fast-absorbing and leaves no residue on pillow.

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