water filter espring a world leader

Water Filter eSpring – A World Leader

water filter espring a world leader

Water Filter eSpring – A World Leader

The high-tech water purification system from Amway (water filter eSpring) gains worldwide recognition.

Big news: eSpring is the world’s largest-selling brand of home water treatment systems!*

*Based on a Verify Markets study of 2012 global sales.

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Water Filter eSpring

After three decades of successfully developing and selling the state-of-the-art water treatment system, Amway is pleased to announce that eSpring is a world leader when it comes to home water-treatment systems!

Not everyone has access to pure, clean drinking water. Some of us think we do, but what comes out of our tap is actually far from clean. Potential toxins in tap water include pesticides, mercury and even lead – these, and many others, can be eliminated efficiently by an eSpring water treatment unit. The eSpring system allows helpful minerals, like calcium and magnesium, to filter through, while filtering out toxins.

Water Filter eSpring – A high-tech product

The customers can be confident in the products’ effectiveness and use of exclusive technology. The water is subject to both carbon filtration and UV light, which together can reduce more than 140 contaminants and destroy 99.99 per cent of waterborne bacteria and viruses. eSpring was the first such system to combine both technologies – technologies which lead to a refreshingly clean glass of water.

Another advantage to eSpring is its unique, patented eCoupled™ wireless technology. This allows electricity to be transmitted through air, water and plastic components to light the unit’s UV lamp – without any direct-contact electrical connections.

Water Filter eSpring – A reliable system

The eSpring cartridge only needs to be changed once a year and electronic monitoring ensures you’re reminded to order a replacement. This monitor also checks that the system is operating efficiently, and alerts you to any problem that may arise.

water filter esping replacemnet filter amway

The advanced, exclusive technologies in eSpring, developed and improved over more than 30 years, enable filtering of water to the highest standard. The results are in: eSpring is a world leader!

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Article source: Amagram Online

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